KiniMetrix™ Profit Waterfall Analysis Module

Advanced Waterfall Analysis – Let the Profits Flow

The KiniMetrix™ Profit Waterfall module identifies revenue and margin leakage using detailed waterfall analysis. Automate profitability analysis by customer, product, region, market segment, and any other dimension. Consolidate data from disparate systems to provide a full view of margin erosion

Research studies show that 80% of customers drive 120% of profit. In short, 20% of your customers may cost more than the revenue they bring in. Find those accounts. Then build a plan for improvement – fast, easy, and error-free.

KiniMetrix Stops the Leaks

KiniMetrix Profit Waterfall isolates profit erosion from gross sales to any level of profitability. Include critical elements such as rebates, discounts, allowance, and transactional costs. Easily discover which customers and products generate the most profit, and opportunities to improve the other accounts and products.

KiniMetrix Profit Waterfall

  • Scatterplot views enable incisive waterfall analytics – Analyze waterfall elements across two dimensions to rapidly hone in on areas of improvement opportunity

  • Aggregate views highlight the biggest areas of opportunity – Use intuitive waterfall charts to locate the areas of highest profit potential in your business

  • Tabular views to view waterfalls across multiple dimension values – Use table-driven views with one-click export to Excel

Get The Kini Group Advantage

Our consulting team, veterans of Bain, BCG, McKinsey, and other top-tier organizations, can work with your organization to bring profit waterfall analysis to your team and provide guidance in how to apply KiniMetrix modules for comprehensive profit improvement.

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Benefit Summary

  • Maximize profit – Quickly analyze gross sales, gross margin, pocket margin, and other profitability metrics using waterfall analysis
  • Identify specific causes of profit erosion – Use best practice data visualizations and analytics. Leverage decades of experience with hundreds of businesses
  • Quickly test any number of profit influencers – Consider rebates, discounts, allowances, and any other transactional costs relevant to your organization
  • Visually intuitive, chart-driven interface – Toggle easily between chart and tabular views. Export to Excel with a single click
  • Rapid deployment – Be up and running with waterfall profitability analytics within a day