KiniMetrix™ Segmentation Analytics Module

Eliminate Price and Volume Variation

You hear it all the time: Price or volume variation between two sales reps is caused by factors endemic to their territories, like competitive profiles or seasonality. Or, a particular business unit’s profitability is lower than another’s because of differences in product mix. Or, from a marketing standpoint, the only way to segment the business is simply by channel.

The KiniMetrix™ Segmentation Analysis module builds segmentation models that locate inconsistencies and determine factors that must be factored into pricing and volume decisions, including which causes of variability can be eliminated safely to enhance profitability. This data-driven approach to segmentation identifies the best way to group like-for-like entities, enabling you to price, sell, and go to market more effectively.

Remove natural, principled effects of performance variation for a true apples-to-apples comparison of how different entities in your business are perform. Accurately identify areas of strength and weakness to discover ways to improve. Derive segmentation that drives superior pricing, sales, and marketing decisions in your business. Clear, actionable customer, price, and marketing segmentation analyses are always within your reach.

Get The Kini Group Advantage

Our consulting team, veterans of Bain, BCG, McKinsey, and other top-tier organizations, can work with your organization to eliminate price variation and provide guidance in how to apply KiniMetrix modules for comprehensive profit improvement.

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Benefit Summary

  • Cluster your like-for-like customers into segments – Benchmark customers against their peers. Identify underperformers in volume, pricing, and other key metrics
  • Scientifically derive segmentation for any kind of analysis – Develop segmentation models for sales, marketing, pricing, or other functions
  • Create apples-to-apples performance comparisons – Across different sales reps, regions, customers, product groups, and other entities
  • Develop new, more robust ways to analyze performance – Automatically define market and price segmentation without guesswork
  • Visualize customer and price segmentation analyses – Share results through bar charts, scatterplots, and other types of charts, including single-click Excel export
  • Identify opportunities for quick margin improvement – Quickly boost your marketing and sales KPIs to the next level