Improve Your Sales Performance with Robust Analytics

The KiniMetrix Sales Performance module automates analysis across key customer, product, and market dimensions. Easily identify your most profitable sales initiatives, and determine which ones need closer attention. Improve sales and margins with intuitive data drill-down and visualization capabilities.

Build Your Most Profitable Deals

Analyze key metrics across customers, regions, products, sales representatives, and other relevant dimensions. The software then identifies which of your customers and products drives the most margin.

Build a path to more profit by uncovering new opportunities and strategies for improvement. Get a data-driven understanding of what works and what doesn’t to develop better deals, understand sales trends, and highlight gaps in strategy.

sales performance
sales data analysis

Use the Sales Performance module to answer questions such as:

  1. Which customers, regions, territories, salespersons create the most profit? Which ones don’t create the margins you expect?
  2. Which brands, product lines, and products make your company the highest margins? Which fall on the opposite end of this spectrum?
  3. How do your sales and margin performance measure up to your forecasts and budget?
  4. How does your business trend downward or upward in terms of sales, margins, or other metrics? What’s driving these trends?
  5. Where are your company’s biggest opportunities to grow sales? Which customer segments and product lines should your team focus on first?
  6. Which sales representatives deliver the most profit for your business? Which deliver the least?
  7. How can you automate sales analysis to alert you to opportunities moving forward?
  8. Which products should your sales team push the hardest to customers? How can you identify the customers most willing to purchase these new products?
  9. How can you quickly compare sales to margins to identify unprofitable deals and sales representatives?
  10. How can you more effectively cross-sell products to increase sales performance?
  11. What kind of impact does your company’s discounts and allowances strategy have on overall margins? Which individual sales reps contribute to this issue the most?
sales performance
sales analytics

Sales Data Analysis Made Easy and Effective

The Sales Performance module works for companies of all sizes – from the Fortune 500 to small businesses. The software combines an intuitive interface with a robust platform. It processes tens of millions of sales transactions quickly to deliver powerful and intuitive analytics.

Drill further down within your sales data to uncover how specific areas perform and how each affects another and your business as a whole. Rapidly isolate the effect of customers, products, or other elements on sales performance. The software can easily analyze large numbers of customers, products, and sales transactions.

The module also encourages teams to share sales metrics across departments. This ensures review of the same and accurate data and increases team-wide potential for collaboration.

Sales Strategy Support

KiniMetrix customers benefit from support from The Kini Group’s world class management consulting team. Drawing from experience from firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, we discuss quarterly and annual goals tailored to your business. We then configure the Sales Performance module to help you achieve them. Our team then works with yours to build custom, data-driven strategies. This dedicated consulting is included in all KiniMetrix plans.

Start Improving Your Sales Performance

Start leveraging your data to find actionable insights. Learn more about strengthening your team with award-winning sales analytics software, KiniMetrix. View a video demo here today.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly drill into commercial metrics across customers, products, sales reps, or any other sales and marketing dimension.
  • Easily incorporate custom metrics and set up unique data visualizations within minutes.
  • Compare sales performance and analysis metrics across multiple time periods. Measure performance relative to budget, plan, or forecast.
  • Quickly find strategy holes within customer and product segments. Plug them up by finding your most profitable paths forward.
  • Visualize sales data through bar charts, scatterplots, and other types of charts to identify areas of strategy improvement.
  • Harness the power of both visualization and numeric displays for effective sales data analysis. Toggle between chart and tabular views, and export to Excel with a single click.
  • Deploy in days, not weeks or months, at a fraction of the cost of on-premise enterprise solutions.