KiniMetrix™ Sales Performance Module

Increase Revenue and Profits. Fast.

The KiniMetrix™ Sales Performance module helps identify your most profitable revenues – as well as the areas of your business that need closer attention. Intuitive visualizations help you improve your revenues and margins with drill-down capabilities tailored for your organization.

KiniMetrix Sales Performance works well for companies of all sizes, combining an intuitive interface, best practices in sales analytics, and a robust platform capable of processing tens of millions of sales transactions in seconds. Drill into your sales data and uncover how specific areas perform and how each affects your business as a whole.

Put Your Best Sales Opportunities at Your Fingertips

  • Win more deals at higher profitability by identifying which of your customers, products, andsegments drive the most margin
  • Rapidly isolate the effect of customers, products, and other elements on overall, providing a single source of performance evaluation that’s shared easily across departments
  • Build a path to greater profit by uncovering new sales opportunities and developing new strategies for improvement
  • Drive better deals through a data-driven understanding of what works and what doesn’t, toimprove sales trends and go-to-market strategy

Got Revenue Questions? KiniMetrix Delivers the Answers. Instantly.

  • Discover which brands, product lines, and products deliver your highest margins, and which carry the lowest
  • Understand upward and downward trends in sales, margins, or other metrics – and what’s driving these trends
  • Identify areas to increase cross-sell and up-sell to increase revenue
  • Uncover which sales representatives deliver the most profit for your business and how to bring the rest of the team up to those levels
  • Test which products you should push the hardest to customers across segments, and which customers are most willing to purchase new products
  • Measure the impact discounts and allowances have on overall margins. Monitor sales representatives to minimize excessive discounting
  • Identify which customers, regions, territories, and salespeople have the highest revenue and profit opportunities, and which ones need the most attention
  • Analyze how sales and margin performance measures up to your forecasts and budget – and identify the biggest gaps
  • Determine what deals are least profitable and the sales representatives responsible for those deals

KiniMetrix Sales Performance in Action

  • Analyze any metric in your business – View sales, margins, or any other metric by customer, product, or any other dimension

  • View results in chart or table form – Toggle between graphical and table views, and export to Excel with a single click.

  • Quickly create Custom Reports – Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to build specialized reports using a familiar Excel-like pivot functionality

Get The Kini Group Advantage

Our consulting team, veterans of Bain, BCG, McKinsey, and other top-tier organizations, can work with your organization to enhance sales performance and provide guidance around how to apply KiniMetrix modules for comprehensive profit improvement.

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Benefit Summary

  • Discover untapped sales and profit improvement opportunities – Multidimensional sales analytics with drill-down capabilities
  • Instant visibility into commercial metrics – Across customers, products, sales reps, or any other sales and marketing dimension
  • Analyze your company’s most important metrics – Easily incorporate custom metrics and data visualizations without software engineering or custom programming
  • Import any amount or kind of commercial data – Compare metrics across multiple time periods, and measure performance relative to actuals, budget, plan, or forecast
  • Find margin leaks – Quickly locate profit holes within customer and product segments. Plug them and ensure they don’t reopen
  • Visualize sales performance – Intuitive bar charts, scatterplots, and other types of visualization identify areas of strategy improvement