KiniMetrix™ Price/Volume/Mix Analysis Module

Drive Margin Growth Through Smarter PVM Analysis

Identify the impact of price, cost, volume and mix on your bottom line –

quickly and intuitively

The KiniMetrix™ Price Volume Mix (PVM) Analysis module measures the precise impact of price, cost, volume, and any kind of mix (customer/product/channel/etc.) on your bottom line. This cloud-based module automatically evaluates the many factors that contribute to profit change, using an intuitive, wizard-based process to simplify complex analyses. View the results in intuitive charts and reports to enable faster, better-informed decisions and improved profitability.

Mix. Not Mystery.

Don’t accept “it’s mix” as the explanation for unexpected shifts in business performance. KiniMetrix PVM splits margin changes into discrete components– price, cost, volume, and mix shift. Separate mix effects into meaningful components like product mix, customer mix, and other types of mix relevant to your business. Our ground-up PVM calculations have no plugs, ensuring 100% accurate rate volume mix analysis.

Drill-down charts and reports deliver visibility across any customer, product, and other key dimensions. These insights help fine-tune sales, pricing, marketing, and operations performance.

Know Immediately What’s Causing Margin Variation

  • Identify changes in product and customer mix and their impacts on the bottom line
  • Evaluate how price increases offset costs or contribute to margin growth
  • Determine how different kinds of mix affect revenue and profitability
  • Measure and enhance the performance of sales, pricing, cost reduction and volume initiatives
  • Pass cost increases on to customers with minimal pushback
  • Discover new ways to improve product, customer, segment, and channel mix
  • Gauge the performance of new product innovation
  • Gauge the effects foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations on margin performance
  • Understand the precise impact of new or discontinued products on margin changes

KiniMetrix PVM

  • Margin Bridge – View margin changes at a glance, with internal buckets built to your specifications

  • Detailed Margin Bridge – Drive action plans for improvement by separating mix effects across any number of dimensions specific to your business

  • Contribution Analysis – Understand margin change contributions at any level of granularity by drilling down into any margin bridge element

  • Scatter charts for 2-dimensional analysis – Analyze performance across pairs of PVM dimensions

  • High-density scatter for large-scale analyses – Perform Big Data analyses with ease and build charts having a large number of marks

Get The Kini Group Advantage

Our consulting team, veterans of Bain, BCG, McKinsey, and other top-tier organizations, can work with your organization to enhance PVM performance and provide guidance in how to apply KiniMetrix modules for comprehensive profit improvement.

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Benefit Summary

  • Drive faster, better business decisions – by measuring margin variance drivers over time across price, cost, volume, anddifferent types of mix shift
  • Minimize margin loss – while increasing profitability
  • Remove “plugs” – from your Price/Volume/Mix/Cost calculations
  • Update results regularly and automatically – with easy data refreshing
  • Establish accountability – through consistent, company-wide rate volume mix methodology
  • Rapid implementation – Deploy and receive results within a day