Sales Volume and Mix Improvement

The Kini Group Difference

  • Custom Engagement – Never a cookie-cutter approach
  • KiniMetrix™ Technology – Expert access to Big Data analytics at a fraction of the usual time and expense
  • Sustainable Results – Designed for employee acceptance and ongoing success
  • Years of Trusted Experience – Projects led by veterans from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other top-tier consultancies

Segment-Driven Sales, Promotion, and Assortment Optimization

Your company generates mountains of sales data. Somewhere inside that information avalanche hide critical insights, such as:

  • Why some products or regions experience stronger sales growth than others
  • Why some customers pay more – or less – for the same products
  • What your optimal, most profitable sales mix can be – including whitespace opportunities
  • The Kini Group uses proven, data-driven segmentation techniques to deliver insights that drive stronger sales and pricing decisions. Our analytics help you identify new sales growth opportunities, optimize pricing, reduce cost of sales, minimize churn, and measure effectiveness of rebate programs.

Reduce Reliance on New Accounts through Better Cross-selling and Upselling

  • Existing accounts often have great potential for additional lower-cost, high-profit sales. The Kini Group segments your sales data using our KiniMetrix™ automated analytics to find opportunities within current customers to cross-sell additional products and upsell profitable offerings.
  • This deeper understanding of customer behavior locates customers most likely to upgrade their purchasing choices or purchase additional products. Which means your salesforce can know what they need to become both more efficient and effective at the point of sale.

Increase Your Sales by Improving Customer Retention

  • Customer churn is disruptive and expensive. Our consultants isolate the effects of customer churn on your business and pinpoint its sources. This process examines business performance at every level to identify the areas of your business experiencing the greatest churn. Then, we go deeper to generate a detailed understanding of healthy customers, sales regions, products, and more.
  • Our data-driven, scientific analyses determine the primary factors behind customer retention challenges. We use that understanding to help you not only predict churn but also prevent it through pragmatic tactics tailored to your business situation and customers’ needs. Finally, we work with your organization to monitor sales progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) using flexible dashboards and intuitive analytics tools.

Know What to Sell with Product Portfolio Optimization

  • It’s one thing to measure how your current products are selling. The Kini Group analyzes the true profitability of your product line after discounts, allowances, rebates, and costs to serve, to determine which ones are your best performers. In short, we help you determine the products you should be selling.
  • Next, we identify low-value products and services that might look good on a gross margin level but drain your profitability. This process of better understanding customer preferences, buying behavior, market forces, and your long-term business goals often reveals opportunities to develop new, highly profitable products.

Hit the Mark with Stronger Customer Targeting

  • Some customers are more profitable than others – studies have shown that in many cases, 20% of your customers cost you more than the revenue they bring in. The Kini Group helps you use this information to increase sales by drilling down into customer profitability beyond gross margins. In short: Our detailed profitability analysis reveals who your best customers truly are.
  • Equally important, we also identify your “diamonds in the rough” – customers who are very profitable but do not currently generate high sales volume. Insights from both groups support new strategies and tactics that lead to greater sales access across the full breadth of your customer base.

Increase Your Sales Performance with These Other Solutions from The Kini Group

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