Sales Operations Improvements

The Kini Group Difference

  • Custom Engagement – Never a cookie-cutter approach
  • KiniMetrix™ Technology – Expert access to Big Data analytics at a fraction of the usual time and expense
  • Sustainable Results – Designed for employee acceptance and ongoing success
  • Years of Trusted Experience – Projects led by veterans from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other top-tier consultancies

Sales Force Effectiveness – Go from Good to Great

  • Help your sales team get the best price for your products. Know that they’ve sold the right amount of the right products to the right customers. Separate your margins from the natural causes of variability to get a clear, unbiased view of sales and pricing performance.
  • The Kini Group isolates factors that predict the prices customers are willing to pay, from individual orders all the way down to the influence of individual sales reps or individual sales contracts. We also identify underperforming sales representatives who could be selling higher volumes – and arm you with information and training to help them sell more effectively. Likewise, our scientific approach strips out natural mix drivers in your business, enabling you to recognize and apply lessons from your top performers to increase margins across your organization through smarter sales, product mix, and pricing in your business.

Happy Customers Mean Profitable Accounts.

  • Your customers’ after-sales experience sets the tone for future business. The Kini Group’s data-driven analytical tools measure variations in the effectiveness of your customer service teams to support repeat business through customer service
  • Typical metrics such as service tickets resolved and average resolution times do not correlate directly with service quality and customer satisfaction. We work with you to determine what matters most to your customers, from broad comparisons between customer service groups to performance measurements for individual service representatives. The result is happier customers and a streamlined path to increasing sales from existing accounts.

Sales Incentive Alignment

  • Successful sales incentives can take many forms. The Kini Group helps ensure that your incentive programs reward the members of your team who best implement your core sales strategies and objectives to help you keep your highest performers and motivate your less successful team members to improve.
  • Our team has helped hundreds of businesses implement sales incentive programs tied to profitability, not just volume. More importantly, these programs reward sales staff for sales factors they can and should control. Mathematically driven analytics serve as the starting point for pragmatic, defensible incentives that motivate your sales team, drive healthy competition, and create a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

Know Where You Stand – Continuous Improvement through Reporting and Scorecarding

  • Too many consultants measure your current performance, develop a plan, and then leave, resulting in short-term gains that quickly fade. That’s not how we work at The Kini Group. We give you the tools and the knowledge to monitor your progress, helping you maintain your gains and build upon on them over time.
  • We create custom reports and intuitive scorecards for your business so that all your key players can better, more actively manage sales strategies. We make sure that these reports track key metrics that are directly relevant to every part of your business, so stakeholders remain accountable for current performance and feel encouraged to meet goals and objectives.

Increase Your Sales Performance with These Other Solutions from The Kini Group

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