Revenue Growth Consulting Services

The Kini Group Difference

  • Custom Engagement – Never a cookie-cutter approach
  • KiniMetrix™ Technology – Expert access to Big Data analytics at a fraction of the usual time and expense
  • Sustainable Results – Designed for employee acceptance and ongoing success
  • Years of Trusted Experience – Projects led by veterans from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other top-tier consultancies

Data Science for Accelerated Revenue Growth

The Kini Group demystifies data science and sales analytics to help your organization find actionable opportunities for revenue growth using your sales transactions and external data sources specific to your industry. Our structured approach to pricing, volume, and mix enhancements delivers faster, deeper, and more appropriate guidance for improving margins at fee levels that are manageable for companies of any size.

Your success is how we measure our success. From engagement through implementation, we work with your team to establish process improvements that ensure that the opportunities we discover are sustainable and continuously improve over time.

The Kini Group Practice Areas

Pricing Volume and Mix Sales Operation
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Improved “Pocket Price” Realization
  • Sustainable Pricing
  • Segment- driven sales, promotion, and assortment optimization
  • Increase cross-sell, up-sell
  • Retention Improvement
  • Product Portfolio Optimization
  • Customer Targeting
  • Sales force Effectiveness
  • Customer Service Effectiveness
  • Sales incentives alignment
  • Reporting and Scorecarding for continuous improvement

A Structured, Client-Centric Approach


  • Size, frame, and scope revenue and margin improvement opportunities
  • Determine the resources to make it happen
  • Assess existing infrastructure to address potential issues with ERP systems, data integrity, and internal resources
  • Develop implementation timeline and strategy


  • Prioritize individual elements of strategic execution
  • Activate data capture and cleansing, sales training, and other elements of execution
  • Provide project management to keep timeline on track


  • Analyze results, assess performance, and determine new opportunities for sales and profit growth
  • Complete knowledge transfer to achieve a culture of continuous margin management and improvement

How We Work – We Work with You

Active Partnership

Our team works with you as a partner. We follow the lead of your internal team, contributing our analytical and problem-solving skills to your capabilities. We then provide ongoing analytical assistance and change management services, collaborating with you in through continuous, honest, non-confrontational feedback.

Big Data + Data Science = AI in your Commercial Function, Made Simple

Most businesses know they have mountains of valuable sales transaction data. They just don’t know how to sift through it and use it to create actionable insights. We do. First, we mine and analyze your commercial data. Then we connect what we learn with market information to help you transform your approach to revenue improvement.

Agile and Fast

Agility and speed characterize our work. We use our proprietary toolkit, compiled over 15 years and hundreds of successful engagements, and do whatever it takes – reporting, data cleansing and business analytics, project management, sales training, and more – to find revenue improvement opportunities for you. Our goal is to exceed your goals and expectations. Our customer testimonials prove our success.

Improvements that Stick

The best pricing strategy is only as strong as its implementation. We give your team the training and education they need to sustain pricing improvements over time, including how to use the same KiniMetrix analytics solutions we use as part of our consulting work. The final result is a comprehensive approach to pricing, encompassing metrics, tools, incentives, processes, and governance – that remains sustainable long after our engagement is complete.

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