KiniMetrix Software Overview


  • Smarter intelligence to generate more revenue  – KiniMetrix™ modules deliver advanced commercial analytics without costly and risky BI implementations
  • 1%-3% gross margin improvement  – Typical results within 90 days of implementation
  • Affordable subscription-based model  – Use what you need without the complexity or expense of enterprise software
  • Rapid, secure deployment –  Be up and running within a day, with comprehensive layered security and highly reliable infrastructure (99% uptime)
  • Proven results  – From startups to the Fortune 500 organizations
  • World-class advisory support  – From The Kini Group, a premier commercial analytics and consulting firm

Beyond the BI Box

Introducing KiniMetrix™ 5.0 – Powerful, Intuitive Sales Analytics for Profit Improvement

KiniMetrix is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides best-practice revenue analytics for organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Typically implemented within a day, KiniMetrix solutions enable you to implement actionable revenue and gross profit improvement opportunities – quickly and effectively.

Proven Commercial Performance Improvement

Data Preparation Data Science & AI Smart Visualization

KiniMetrix Software

  • Automated data blending and organization
  • Data consolidation across any number of sources
  • Easy data refreshes

Proprietary algorithms to optimize and improve:

  • Revenue, pricing, and margins
  • PVMC (Price/Volume Mix/Cost)
  • Segmentation modeling
  • Product and service assortment
  • Customer churn
  • Specialized drill-down paths act as guardrails to prevent data misrepresentation
  • Never misinterpret data
  • Powerful reports without software engineering
  • Built-in Executive Reports produced automatically for senior management and boards

KiniMetrix in Action

  • Essential Analytics, No Programming Needed – Analyze customer churn, examine P&L by any dimension, perform automated Price Volume Mix analysis, and more
  • Sales Performance – Analyze any metric with ease, across any dimension in your business
  • Multiple Chart Types – Intuitive review analyses using graphical or tabular views

Get The Kini Group Advantage

Our consulting team, veterans of Bain, BCG, McKinsey, and other top-tier organizations, can work with you to enhance sales performance and guide the application of KiniMetrix modules for comprehensive profit improvement.

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