A Smarter Approach to Business Intelligence Solutions & Sales Analytics

Your sales transaction data is powerful — it has hidden insights that can dramatically increase profitability, open new markets, and drive organic business growth. That is the promise of sales data analysis and Business Intelligence (BI).

However, as anyone who has worked with Business Intelligence software will tell you, developing actionable sales analytics is hard. You must know which data to examine, how to model it, and how to interpret the numbers. Key business stakeholders have to understand how to use the results. You’re not just looking for a needle in a haystack with sales data analysis; you’re looking for a needle in a whole field of haystacks.

That’s why we created KiniMetrix.

KiniMetrix is the smarter approach to BI. Running on whatever platform you choose, whether in the Cloud or via other existing business intelligence solutions, KiniMetrix fits seamlessly into to your current business operations. Each KiniMetrix module focuses on specific, predefined business needs, with a proven, structured approach to sales data analysis that delivers unambiguous results and clear direction for future action. KiniMetrix is like having a team of experts inside your company, available 24/7 to answer the questions you need handled to build a better business. There is no need for complex models, expensive software, or costly business analysts.

It simply works.

Discover how easy it is to unleash the power of Business Intelligence for your organization and solve your sales analytics challenges by signing up for a 30-day free trial today.

The Science Behind the System

KiniMetrix is based on a single goal — to deliver the benefits of sales and marketing data mining and Business Intelligence without the usual accompanying cost, complexity, and time commitment.

KiniMetrix applies highly targeted analytics tools to specific, narrowly targeted business challenges to generate these results.

  • Our science has been developed from 15 years of consulting engagements with companies of all shapes, sizes, and in virtually every major industry.

  • We have developed innovative methods that quickly analyze tens of millions of sales transactions to uncover key insights into sales and marketing performance.
  • Our frameworks take what you already do every day in your business and make it much more efficient, reliable, and effective.

Our primary areas of expertise include:


Margin Management Services

Disaggregating the effects of price, cost, product mix, customer mix, currency, and other mix effects on margins in your business.


Price Realization Analysis

Separating the effects of product mix, volume, and customer mix from price changes so you can understand your pricing performance more clearly.


Price Optimization

Activating rich but latent information in your sales transaction history to make better day-to-day pricing decisions.

churn analytics

Customer Churn Analytics

Automating identification of areas of customer and product attrition in your business and finding areas of sales growth potential.


P&L Analytics

Analyzing detailed profit erosion by customer, product, sales rep, or other commercial dimensions of your business.


General Gross Margin Analytics

Performing analysis by customer groups, product groups, and other key dimensions of your business over time, with ease.

Fast, Accurate, Proven Results

KiniMetrix removes two of the primary errors that businesses make when they implement Business Intelligence solutions:

KiniMetrix eliminates inappropriate, incorrect, or otherwise suspect calculations behind the analytics that the business lacks the experience to recognize. The Kini Group’s deep expertise, developed from successful projects with hundreds of global clients, enables KiniMetrix to produce accurate, usable results.

KiniMetrix dramatically reduces the time and resouces BI solutions usually require to become effective. That’s because KiniMetrix uses an advanced, secure, in-memory architecture to process massive amounts of dataquickly and efficiently. By operating at such a massive scale without massive expense, KiniMetrix delivers the business management insights your organization needs without the expense of unnecessary resources and overhead.

The algorithms and software applications behind KiniMetrix have been tested and verified in hundreds of client engagements and datasets, providing a solution proven to be robust, accurate, fast, and scalable. Deploying KiniMetrix at your organization gives you a this scientifically based approach to Business Intelligence that will help you apply a standardized, best-practices approach to business improvement.