Intuitive Cloud-Based Analytics for Margin Improvement

KiniMetrix provides more than just data dashboards and visualizations. The intuitive cloud-based analytics illuminates unique profit improvement opportunities and strategies for business growth. Each suite includes several modules targeted on specific margin analysis goals.

KiniMetrix makes your data accessible, visual, understandable, and most importantly, profitable.

Get immediate visibility into your key commercial and margin metrics with intuitive cloud-based analytics. Uncover actionable insights such as sales performance improvement opportunities, customers at risk of churn, areas of pricing and margin leakage, and more.

sales performance

Sales Performance

Determine which sales programs are most profitable and which ones need closer attention with automated data analysis across key customer, product, and market dimensions.

profit waterfall analysis

Profit Waterfall

Efficiently improve your margins with detailed profitability analysis across sales and marketing dimensions in your business.

churn analytics


Reduce expensive customer churn by quickly identifying which customers you risk losing and which ones are loyal over time.

price realization icon

Price Realization

Measure your price realization faster and more effectively, isolating changes in customer and product mix to determine the true impact of price increases on your bottom line.

price volume mix analysis

Price/Volume/Mix Analysis

Measure the precise impact that price, cost, currency, customer mix, product mix, channel mix, and other mix shifts have on margin changes in your business.


KiniMetrix Alerts

Identify and customize the alerts on any item that affects your bottom line, in real-time. Set up alerts for improvement opportunities or when your profitability faces an adverse outcome.

Optimum Performance customers gain the added benefit of our team’s decades of margin management advisory experience. We combine KiniMetrix predictive analytics with our comprehensive margin improvement strategies to uncover profit growth opportunities for your business.

For example, the software accurately suggests the optimal price for a specific transaction, improving success rates for your sales reps. It also delivers real-time margin analysis and improvement opportunities directly to your inbox via a custom alert.

The KiniMetrix Optimum Performance suite currently includes the following two margin analytics modules:

price optimization software

Price Optimization

Establish and enforce sound pricing discipline to establish the right price for each transaction. Get scientifically-calibrated prices at the point of sale and meet distinct profit goals.

price segmentation

Scientific Segmentation

“Wash out” the effect of principled drivers of gross margin variation in your business to quickly identify potential areas of improvement and develop a clear view around what drives unprincipled margin variability in your business.