KiniMetrix FAQs

KiniMetrix™ software is advanced, intuitive revenue analytics software offered as a cloud-based subscription service. It enables you to sell more of the right products at the right price points to the right customers. The system deploys quickly, requires no maintenance, and is blazingly fast. Each module can be used individually or in combination with others to deliver deep, intuitive levels of business insight.

It typically takes a day for you to upload your data, configure KiniMetrix, and receive results.

KiniMetrix plans are very affordable and fit the budgets of businesses from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Pricing varies based on the number of modules, users, and transactions. Choose only the modules and add-ons you need. We also offer consulting, training, and support to ensure your success.

Any business with large numbers of customers, a wide variety of products, or large volumes of sales transactions can benefit substantially from KiniMetrix. If gross margin is a vital driver of profitability, and if different constituencies influence gross margin (e.g., sales via pricing, marketing via product mix, operations via cost, etc.), KiniMetrix can help your organization rapidly generate alignment and identify opportunities for profit improvement.

KiniMetrix supports with both B2B and B2C retail/consumer businesses. Click here for a list of industries that can benefit from our products and services.

Our customers historically achieve 1–3% gross margin improvement by using KiniMetrix. A business currently operating with 30% gross margin can expect to increase performance to between 31% and 33%.

KiniMetrix is a cloud-based solution. By eliminating the need to integrate directly with your company’s existing systems, KiniMetrix dramatically minimizes deployment and configuration time. You can use our templates to format your data, or our professional services team can work with your IT team to set up a query against your enterprise invoicing systems and perform data manipulation for you before uploading into KiniMetrix.

Source data files placed in a pre-defined location in the cloud load into KiniMetrix for analysis. Uploads take place at whatever frequency you choose – monthly, weekly, or daily.

KiniMetrix uses cutting-edge in-memory architecture combined with scalable back-end cloud computing resources for its analytics. We analyze billions of transactions for some of our customers and can scale our systems as necessary to handle your needs.

KiniMetrix scales easily to accommodate as many users as you want. Its high-volume, high-performance in-memory architecture enables any number of users without performance degradation.

Yes. KiniMetrix enables views to be restricted based on sales organization structure – (e.g., a sales manager can be allowed to view only analytics from his/her region) or product groups. Certain customer-specified metrics also can be limited to specific users.

We recognize that the data you analyze in KiniMetrix is both powerful and sensitive. We designed KiniMetrix with that in mind. Our layered security and infrastructure model includes:

  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Robust Operating System & Application Patch Management
  • Physical Server Security
  • World-Class Physical Facility Specifications
  • Redundant Electrical Power Infrastructure

These security and infrastructure mechanisms allow us to commit to 99% uptime.