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sales leadership ebook

A Profile of Empowering Sales Leaders

It takes a skilled sales manager to empower and lead a team in this competitive climate. Become top sales leader with our top strategic tips and motivate your team to drive higher profits for your company.

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free cfo ebook

A Profile of the Future CFO

CFOs are no longer just “the numbers people.” They’re leaders of the entire business. Learn more about the skills, strategies, and tools successful CFOs leverage to drive business growth.

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churn reduction

Stop Churn in its Tracks

Download our free customer churn reduction guide to get seven strategies to reducing customer attrition and inspiring customer loyalty for increased profits.

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margin analysis

Improve Profitability from Every Angle

Leverage your historical sales transaction data to increase profits with these five data-based strategies focused on reducing margin leakage, driving richer product mix, and more.

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pricing analysis ebook

Unlock a 10% Increase in Profits

Learn how to find actionable insights within your data to convince customers to pay more, decommoditize your products, strategically increase prices, and more.

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margin analytics

Minimize Revenue Leaks in the CPG Industry

CPG companies must diligently leverage the elements under their control to remain profitable. Plug up your margin leaks using our free guide.

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manufacturing pricing ebook

Price for Profits in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies can survive low oil prices by building and maintaining a strong pricing strategy. We outline how to do so within our free guide.

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