Chirag Agrawal


As Associate for The Kini Group, Chirag works with clients to analyze their business data and uncover actionable insights for strategy improvement.

Vikram Bandugula

VP of Analytics

As VP of Analytics for The Kini Group, Vikram works directly with senior firm members on client projects to set overall direction and approach to analytical methodologies used to solve clients’ most critical business challenges.

Kermit Daniel, Ph.D.

Senior Partner

Kermit leads The Kini Group’s consulting practice, combining extensive strategy consulting experience with formal training in economics. A former professor at the Wharton School, he holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Jeff Hogg

KiniMetrix Operations Support

Jeff joined The Kini Group after several years as a Senior Consultant with Borzal Consulting helping automotive, solar, and retirement services clients identify and exploit unknown efficiencies in back-office operations.

Jason Ko

Project Manager

As Project Manager for The Kini Group, Jason leads clients and KiniMetrix customers through margin improvement strategies and data-drive profit creation.

Praveena Mundolimoole

Technical Lead

As Senior Engineer for The Kini Group, Praveena works with clients to analyze their business data and uncover actionable insights for strategy improvement.

Jay Newton

Director of Software Development

As Director of Software Develop for The Kini Group, Jay leads the software development efforts behind KiniMetrix.

Jonathan Sapan


Jonathan has a background in engineering and experimental physics. He holds a BSE in electrical engineering from Princeton University and was previously a doctoral candidate at the University of California at San Diego.

Digvijay Singh

BI professional

Digvijay is a Qlik certified BI professional. As Qlikview and Qlik Sense developer for The Kini Group, Digvijay develops highly interactive and intuitive data visualizations and data models. He works with business users to develop and refine visualization and reporting outcomes.

Dev Tandon


As Founder and CEO, Dev has led The Kini Group’s development of KiniMetrix to provide companies with deep analytical capabilities to better identify, understand, and improve the drivers of margin variation over time.

Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D.


Stephan M. Liozu is Chief Value Officer of the Thales Group and Chief Marketing Officer of Thales Inc. in the USA. Stephan has more than 20 years of global business experience.

KiniMetrix Software Development Team

The Kini Group also includes a team of dedicated software developers who are committed to improving KiniMetrix for our customers on a daily basis. They continuously add helpful features to the powerful and robust, yet intelligent and intuitive cloud-based analytics.