Founded in 2002, The Kini Group is a pioneer in gross margin improvement through advanced business analytics. Our company combines top-tier cloud-based SaaS business analytics software, real-world operating experience, and premier consulting expertise in margin analysis to help customers quickly and effectively uncover actionable insights for profit.

This resulting blend delivers something no other organization can — the ability to bridge business strategy to complex business analytics seamlessly.

BI Makes Your Data Visual. We Make Your Data Profitable.

Our team represents a rare combination of skillsets, experience, and global perspective, and we’ve developed business analytics software focused on generating actionable results, not just data visualizations. KiniMetrix delivers our expertise in a convenient, cost-effective solution running in whatever model best suits your organization – either cloud-based or natively on your existing BI platform.


“In business these days, it is all about better and quicker access to information and analytics, and KiniMetrix gives us that, and therefore gives us an edge over our competition.”
– John Howe, CEO, Manna Pro Products – 


We built our business analytics software to give physical product-based companies easy access to advanced commercial analytics and unparalleled visibility into the drivers of gross margin performance. Unlike other enterprise business intelligence and analytics solutions, KiniMetrix can be set up and deployed in just days, not weeks or months. Get the business insights you need immediately, and have them at your fingertips for access wherever your business takes you.

Turn Your Data Into a Goldmine of Profit Improvement Insights.

Through our cloud-based business analytics software, we help customers like you identify critical issues and get answers to the essential business questions your team doesn’t have the time or expertise to address through commercial analytics. Armed with KiniMetrix, you can make better business decisions and focus better on what your team does best. Our proprietary suite of business frameworks and modules includes:

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Testimonial: Dave Brooks, Unifrax