About Us

Better Pricing through Data Science , Intelligent Software, and Expert Consulting Services

Founded in 2002, The Kini Group is a pioneer in Sales Transaction Analytics. Our hundreds of customer engagements help you improve revenues, margins, and accountability – either through advanced consulting services or our KiniMetrix™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) product.

We make data visual, powerful, and profitable.

Our team at The Kini Group empowers companies to improve profits and achieve gross margin objectives.

We leverage customers’ sales transaction data through our robust business analytics software, KiniMetrix. The analytics enable companies to better understand their businesses and drive profitable growth.

Smarter Revenue Decisions through Intelligent Analysis of Your Commercial Data

Data Preparation Data Science & AI Visualization

KiniMetrix Software

  • Automated data blending and organization
  • Data consolidation across any number of sources
  • Easy data refreshes
  • Proprietary algorithms to optimize and improve
  • Revenue, Pricing, and Margins
  • PVMC (Price/Volume/Mix/Cost)
  • Segmentation modeling
  • Product and Service Assortment
  • Customer Churn rates
  • Specialized drill-down paths act as guardrails to prevent data misrepresentation
  • Never misinterpret data
  • Powerful reports without software engineering
  • Built-in Executive Reports produced automatically for senior management and boards

Consulting Services

  • Choose the right data sources
  • Custom data connectors
  • Data cleansing
  • Custom data blending
  • Custom modeling to identify commercial improvement opportunities using advanced techniques, including
  • Regression analysis, k-cluster analysis and logit models
  • Proprietary data science algorithms to adjust for collinearity, overfitting, and other data science challenges
  • Custom visualizations / analytics in QS or any other BI platform
  • Custom reporting to your specifications (Excel, PDF, PPT)